X Series Advanced: Pioneering solutions for multiple patient conditions

ZOLL's new X Series® Advanced monitor/defibrillator helps providers manage patients more effectively than ever before. X Series Advanced comes with new features available only from ZOLL®: Real BVM Help® and TBI Dashboard™ technologies, remote viewing capabilities, and enhanced CaseReview functionality.

Real BVM Help — real-time ventilation feedback

With Real BVM Help technology on X Series Advanced, providers can view target and delivered tidal volume and rate directly on the monitor. This real-time feedback guides users to deliver high-quality manual ventilation in a manner that has never been possible — until now.

TBI Dashboard — the information you need, when it matters most

Early treatment is critical for traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients. ZOLL's TBI Dashboard on the X Series Advanced monitor/defibrillator provides trending information on the parameters most critical to a TBI patient, enabling clinicians to quickly detect potential patient deterioration.

Remote viewing capabilities

Remote viewing capabilities allow clinicians to view data from X Series Advanced at remote locations. This telehealth solution from ZOLL enables effective decision support to help EMS providers optimize patient care.

RescueNet CaseReview

RescueNet® CaseReview enables providers to view data from X Series Advanced post-case for effective QA/QI. Data includes ventilation performance with Real BVM Help, CPR performance with Real CPR Help®, and automatic recognition and integration of performance with ZOLL's automated mechanical compression device, the AutoPulse® resuscitation system.

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